Sunday, February 9, 2020

How to find out who ran PC?

Today another blog post regarding process chains. It is about how to find out who ran the process chain (PC). There is a very useful t-code RSM37 that provides many useful information about BW workloads like jobs. The PCs are nothing else just a jobs from SAP basis point of view. Thus by a quick look into the RSM37 it is easy to find out who ran the PC.

Here how to do it:

RSM37 -> first search for all BW jobs -> find particular PC name by placing a filter at 2nd “Selection value” column -> if there are still many entries (because all steps in the PC are listed here) filter also process type column normally called “Value” e.g. filter as TRIGGER.

Similarly, one can go to PC log from t-codes like RSPC or RSPC1 and look at start variant of the PC. Then double click on corresponding basis job log and on that screen, again user who ran the PC is available at column called “Job Created by”.

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