Friday, October 27, 2023

Slice statistics in BW

To be able to use slice statistics in BW there are few things to be customized. Via t-code RSDDSTAT_SEL_CUST (program RSDDSTAT_SEL_CUSTOMIZE that calls function module RSDDSTAT_SEL_MAINTAIN) a selection statistics for particular InfoProvider (mostly aDSO in BW/4 based systems) needs to be activated.

The all the InfoProviders for which it was customized is stored in table RSDDSTATSLICECUS (Customizing of data slice statistics). Particular statistics selection data criteria is stored in table RSDDSTATSLICE                  (Selections criteria).

Afterwards slice statistics selection data is stored in table: RSDDSTATSLICEEX (Extracted values).


Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,
do you have info what the Column "Exceptional Time-Like Characteristics" is doing to the statistics?
Thanks a lot for all your helpful content!

Martin Maruskin said...

hi Stefan,

I'm sorry I wasn't able to populate aby data related to "Exceptional Time-Like Characteristics (column TIMNM in table RSDDSTATSLICECUS)" that is present in t-code RSDDSTAT_SEL_CUST. Only what I can see is that method TO_JSON of class CL_RSDDSTAT_SLICE deals with this data.