Tuesday, October 31, 2023

BW objects - Differences between DDIC and DB

BW system generates a lot of temporary database objects while it is running e.g. during query execution, or other processes that read data from BW infoproviders. These objects can be database views or tables. Mostly they are placed in '/BI0/0' namespace.

I wrote some information about the BW temporary objects here. In that blog post I mentioned that program SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES can be used to remove these type temporary objects. However if some of those temporary objects are reported as inconsistent via t-code DB02 there is another program that should be executed. It is program SAP_UPDATE_DBDIFF. The program makes a copy of an information about differences between definitions in ABAP DDIC and in database catalog to table DBDIFF. The DB02 t-code than includes the DBDIFF  table when checking for inconsistencies.


More information:

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