Tuesday, October 31, 2023

BWonHANA: SAP HANA-Optimized DataStore Object

In BWonHANA BW systems there was a new object introduced. It was SAP HANA-Optimized DataStore Object. I mentioned it in my blog post related to BWonHANA - Benefits of #BWonHANA. It was a type of DSO object that was optimized for HANA DB. This objects do not have any data in its change log table stored persistently. The change log table is calculated on the fly via HANA’s calculation view. Data is read from the history table for the temporal table of active data in the SAP HANA database. The tables around the optimized DSO comprises of a history table main table and delta table. The object contains additional field IMO__INT_KEY in the active data table. The field is pure technical and it is not visible in reporting.

While migration of the BW system to HANA DB the DSO is needed to be migrated to optimized one. It can be done via t-code RSMIGRHANADB.

As of BW 7.3 SPS09 this type of DSO became obsolete. Conversion to SAP HANA-optimized DSO is performed automatically for all standard DataStore objects. Conversion of the DSO objects to the SAP HANA-optimized objects is thus obsolete. It is possible to use the SAP HANA-optimized DataStore objects, but SAP recommends to reconverting them back to original DSOs. That can be done via report RSDRI_RECONVERT_DATASTORE.

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