Thursday, February 9, 2023

DTP ID prefixes

Some time ago I blogged about InfoPackage / DTP prefixes and BW data request's prefixes. That blog post covered most of the InfoPackage and DTP ID prefixes however; I found there are more of them.


As there are different types of Data Transfer Processes; similarly there are several DTP ID prefixes that corresponds to those DTP types.

1 DTP_* - Regular DTP ID prefix. So called 'Standard DTP'. This is a case of most of the DTPs is any given BW system. Part identified by asterisk is generated as a random string. Sometimes the standard DTPs are referred as DTPA DTPs.

2 DTPV* - So called 'Virtual DTP' is created during migration to BW/4 systems by ABAP class CL_RSBK_DTP_COLLECTION.

3 DTPT_* - So called 'Transfer DTP' is generated during migration to BW/4 system.  

4 DTPI_* - So called 'Transfer InfoPackage DTP' is generated by replacing first 5 chars of the InfoPackage ID with the prefix 'DTPI_, during migration to the BW/4. Import of InfoPackages (in the case of an remote conversion / transfer), a settings of the InfoPackages for file source systems are not replicated correctly in the DTPs replacing them. The DTPs IDs start with the prefix.

5 RSBC - So called 'Command Package'.


Following to different DTP ID prefixes there are below DTP request IDs:

1 DTPR_* - request ID as of Classic BW (pre BW/4 systems)

2 DTPR__* - new request ID as of BW/4 (or BW 7.5) systems, so called Process Transaction Sequence Number (TNS)

3 DTPR_SIMULATION – in case DTP ran in debugging (simulation) mode


All these types are stored in data dictionary in Type group RSBC (Constants for the Data Transfer Process).


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