Monday, February 27, 2023

BW Background Job - DTP Clean Up Job RSBKCHECKBUFFER

Among many other background jobs running in SAP BW system is the RSBKCHECKBUFFER job. This job runs a ABAP program RSBKCHECKBUFFER  that cleans up the DTP Runtime Buffer. What is meant by the DTP Runtime Buffer is a temporary storage of the Data Transfer Process. Basically there are settings for the DTP (like 'Fill Temporary Storage After Following Substep' -> see details here). If those settings are maintained, they represent a retention time for how long the temporary storage should be kept in the BW system.

Now there is a function in the BW system needed that makes sure that those retention periods are fulfilled. The function is represented by the RSBKCHECKBUFFER  job. The job has to be periodically planned. If it is running, it deletes the entries, once the retention time is reached. Similarly, the job handles also the DTPs in the case if the settings of the active version of the DTP do not contain any retention time. Usually it is enough to schedule the clean up job to run every day.


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