Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Operating modes of SAP BW

In one of my previous blog posts regarding BW client strategy I briefly mentioned a types of the BW system. The type of BW system or let’s say operating mode of the BW defines the scenario which the system is executing and for which it was setup. The SAP BW system can operate in multiple modes.

Most common is Enterprise DataWarehouse mode. It is full blow BW system, running on dedicated server, has its own client as it is running on its own server separated from other SAP systems. The system is capable of loading large scale of data; the data is consumed by different front-end clients. It has set its own client. The component SAP_BW is active in table CVERS_ACT. In the system, there are a repositories of different BW objects like data source, queries, etc. (see TLOGO objects).

Embedded BW mode. The SAP BW functions are automatically available in SAP ERP systems since SAP NetWeaver 7.0. The BW runs in the same server as the ERP thus it is called ‘Embedded BW’. See more details here. Data is loaded usually into separate BW client other than the one for ERP part of the system. The component SAP_BW is active in table CVERS_ACT.

Embedded Analytics mode. Only analytics part of BW is active within the S/4HANA system. Analytical engine of the BW is using CDS views in order to perform OLAP reporting directly on the user data. The component SAP_BW is active in table CVERS_ACT. Separate client is technically not needed but it is advised to have it. There is no datasource repository in such the system.


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