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There is an important job in all BW systems that must always run. It is called a BI_WRITE_PROT_TO_APPLLOG or known as Background Job Log Writer. It serves to write temporarily saved logs (batch and enqueue runtime data) of lock manager for any batch processes that are running in BW system.

The job runs an ABAP program RSBATCH_WRITE_PROT_TO_APPLLOG. Logs are written into table RSBATCHDATA by the job. Periodicity of the job should be at least 1 hours if not more frequent. In case of most of the BW systems I worked with the periodicity is 10 minutes. If the BW system is being scheduled for a downtime, the job can be descheduled.

The job is very important to let the BW system functioning properly. BW developers may come across a below pop-up message RSM2 no 081, any time when t-code RSA1 is started:

Report RSBATCH_WRITE_PROT_TO_APPLLOG not planned. See long text.

This is valid for all BW 7.x systems including BW/4 systems. Whoever enters the RSA1 in case the jobs is not scheduled then the system schedules it by that user who entered the RSA1. That's why you can see your user that runs this job in t-codes like SM37.

The message informs that the job does not run means it is not scheduled. The ABAP program RSSM_PLAN_PROTWRITE_TO_APPLLOG can be used to set it up. The program runs FM of the same name (RSSM_PLAN_PROTWRITE_TO_APPLLOG) to do that. The BW system uses other FM RSBATCH_CHECK_START_LOGWRITER to check if the job is scheduled and that one can schedule it too.

In case the job is scheduled multiple times the BW system detects that too. This situation happens when a message RSM2 no 082 is displayed:

Report RSBATCH_WRITE_PROT_TO_APPLLOG planned &1 times. See long text.

More information:


1135045 - P18:Job BI_WRITE_PROT_TO_APPLLOG is scheduled several times

2495693 - POP-UP Information: Report RSBATCH_WRITE_PROT_TO_APPLLOG x is scheduled

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