Thursday, November 24, 2022

BW Transformation tech name different across systems

Once BW transformation is created there is a technical ID associated with it. The tech ID is generated by the system and it is a hash value of some transformation attributes like source object and its type and subtype, target object its type and subtype. The tech ID is stored in table RSTRAN and field TRANID.  

Now the transformation is moved across the systems in BW landscape via the BW transport. Normally one would expect that the same tech ID of the transformation is replicated into target system of the transport. However, there are some checks executed in the target system that decides about the ID of the transformation. Following situation can occur the target BW system. The tech ID of the transformation can be different. This means that table entry RSTRAN-TRANID is different in source and the target BW system of the transport.

Why would the BW system generate the new tech ID? In this case, the TRFN is based on DataSource. The DS name is different because it depends on source system abbreviation. Obviously, the DS associated with the DEV (D) BW system has different name, as is the DS associated with the QAS (Q) BW system. As the DS name is among the attributes of the TRFN that is used to generate the TRFN tech ID also the generated tech ID must be different. Therefore, that’s the reason why the same TRFN has different tech ID in D and Q systems.

Original TRFN name from source system (D in this case) is stored in column ORGTRANID for a record associated with the new TRFN tech ID in table RSTRAN.

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