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t-code I18N - Internationalization

There is a launchpad style t-code that enables access to different customizing parts of internalization settings that reside in SAP NW system.

Following are things that are accessible in the t-code menu:


1. Internationalization Customizing:

1.1 I18N Language configuration - runs program RSCPINST - NLS installation tool

1.2 I18N System Parameters - runs program RSCPCOLA - Correspondence language installation

1.3 Code Page in System Landscape (RFC Dest) - runs t-code SM59 to maintain RFC destinations

1.4 Correspondence Languages - runs program - RSCPSET_PARAM - Maintain system parameters used for Internationalization (I18n) functions.


2. SAP Code Pages

2.1 Display / Maintain - runs t-code SCP (program RSCPSEGMENT_SHOW) – that which manages SAP code pages, segments, etc. E.g. Display and Maintain Code Page

2.2 Code Page Migration - runs program - RSCP0126 to do a Code Page Conversion: SAP Character-Based -> Unicode-Based

2.3 Upload / Download - runs program - RSCP0025 to do an Upload/Download Code Page Definitions and Code Page Segments

2.4 Compare

2.4.1 Character & Mapping Set: Detail - runs program - RSCP0129 to make a comparison of Character and Mapping Sets

2.4.2 Code Page / Segment: Remote - runs program - RSCP0133 same as above just remote comparison of Code Pages or Code Page Segments

2.4.3 Code Page Statistics - runs program - RSCP0003 to display number of characters per character set

2.5 Check

2.5.1 Code Page Consistency - runs t-code SCP - see 2.1

2.5.2 Segment Consistency - runs program - RSCP0132 to run a consistency check of segment use

2.5.3 Round Trip Measurement - runs program - RSCP0125 to measure a round trip of Code Page > Intermediate Code Page > Code Page

2.5.4 Character Conversion Test - runs program - RSCP0032 to test properties of function SCP_TRANSLATE_CHARS that translates a short text from one codepage into another.


3. International Standards References

3.1 Country Code - ISO 3166 - launches web page http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-61600

3.2 Language Code - ISO 639 - same as above

3.3 Script Code - ISO 15924 - same as above

3.4 Code Pages

3.4.1 ISO - see 3.1

3.4.2 Unicode - same as above

3.4.3 Microsoft - same as above


4. Language Translation and Transport

4.1 Translation Environment - runs t-code SE63 - Translation Editor

4.2 Language Transport Utility - runs t-code SMLT - Language Management


5. Printing

5.1 Output Controller: Spool Request - runs t-code SP01 - Output Controller, spool request

5.2 Spool Administration - runs program - RSCPSETCASCADINGFONTS - Cascading Fonts Configurator (CFC)

5.3 Cascading Font Customization - runs t-code SPAD – Spool Administration


6. I18N Services

6.1 Database Scan: Find and Replace Tool - runs program RSI18N_SEARCH - Database Scan Tool

6.2 File Encoding Converter

6.2.1 ABAP Tool - runs program - RSCP_CONVERT_FILE - to convert plain text files from one SAP code page to another SAP code page

6.2.2 Operating System Tool 'sapiconv' - Displays SAP Note 752859, a tool for converting the encoding of files


7. Troubleshooting

7.1 Current I18N System Configuration - runs program - RSCP0018 that checks profiles for language, character sets and so on

7.2 SAP Language Code - runs program - RSCP0147 that show languages and their relationship

7.3 CCC Cache - runs program - RSCP0148 that displays CCC Cache information (Code page Converter Cache). It is a shared memory that is used for code page conversion tables.

7.4 Unicode Normalization - runs program - RSCP_NORMALIZE to demonstrate Unicode Normalization (class CL_ICU_NORMALIZATION). The IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) is an Internet domain name that contains non-ASCII characters

7.5 IDNA Conversion - runs program - RSCP_IDNA_ICU to demonstrate IDNA Conversion (class CL_ICU_IDNA)

7.6 Printing Test

7.6.1 ABAP list Characters by Unicode Block - runs program - I18N_ABAPLIST_UC_BLOCK Characters by Unicode Script Block Multiple Scripts - runs program - I18N_ABAPLIST_MULTI_SCRIPTS to display multiple scripts for display and print

7.6.2 SAPscript Multiple Scripts - runs program - I18N_PRINT_TEST_SC_SF_DIRECT to directly send SAPScript + Smartform doc to print with SAPscript form I18N_PRINT_TEST_SC_UC 7-bit ASCII: English - runs program - - see above but for form I18N_PRINT_TEST_SC_EN Latin-1 Supplement: French / German - runs program - see above but for form I18N_PRINT_TEST_SC_L1 Bidi + Shaping: Arabic - runs program - see above but for form I18N_PRINT_TEST_SC_AR Bidi: Hebrew - runs program - see above but for form I18N_PRINT_TEST_SC_HE Double-byte: Japanese - runs program - see above but for form I18N_PRINT_TEST_SC_JA Combining Characters: Thai - runs program - see above but for form I18N_PRINT_TEST_SC_TH

7.6.3 Smart Forms - runs program I18N_PRINT_TEST_SC_SF_DIRECT to directly send Smartform doc to print with following Smart Form forms:








7.7 Locale

7.7.1 Maintain (TCP0C) - runs t-code SM30 for table TCP0C - Locale names for setting up C-libraries

7.7.2 Test Locale Switch - runs program - RSCP0016 to test switching system character set

7.7.3 Test TO UPPER - runs program - RSI18N_TEST_CASE_CONVERSION to test upper/lower case conversion for the ABAP statement "translate"

7.7.4 Test Sort Order - runs program - RSCP0102 to test a language-dependent sorting


More information:

848036 - Transaction 'I18N' (Internationalization)

42305 - RSCPINST (I18N configuration tool)

1969062 - Meaning of fields in I18N -> Troubleshooting -> CCC Cache  

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