Saturday, August 8, 2015

Failed transport contains objects related to new source system

Recently I faced one strange transport issue. I developed a new data flow related to newly created source system. That source system had complete setup from basis point of view in target BW system as well. It correctly appeared under Source Systems area in Modeling of TA RSA1.  Even Check connection functionality (available at right click on source system name) worked for the new source system in the target system. However my transport with had the flow using the source system (so called “source system dependent objects”) failed with following errors:

Transformation 0G2M3XTZUMRNTOQTV4EH6PK6VGDNVHLD inactive; action cannot be executed      Message No. RSBK260
Saving Objects with Type Data Transfer Process
Saving Data Transfer Process DTP_00O2SPBAQDZQZ6KPQH9N4U2NT
Transformation 0G2M3XTZUMRNTOQTV4EH6PK6VGDNVHLD inactive; action cannot be executed
Error while saving Data Transfer Process DTP_00O2SPBAQDZQZ6KPQH9N4U2NT
End of after import methode RS_DTPA_AFTER_IMPORT (Activation mode) - runtime: 00:00:00

As per error I checked TRFN and DTP but they both were fine. I also reactivated the TRFN via report RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE but error was still there. I even checked corresponding entries in table RSTRAN and active version was there.

Then I finally got an idea to check table RSLOGSYSMAP. This table contains mapping entries of logical systems. It is used while import phase of transport takes in place. If there is a BW object related to source sys (e.g. datasource) in the transport the table is used to map source system in source BW system to target source system in target BW system. If the source mapping is not maintained then the transport fails as in my case. The problem is that from the error which is shown in the transport log it is not possible to find out this root cause. Notice that the table RSLOGSYSMAP must have the entries for the system conversion in target BW system(s) of the transport.

-      Update 2019/06/14 –
Just want to add precise error message related to this as it appears in transport log:

No mapping in RSLOGSYSMAP for source system XXX
Message No. RSDS401

See official SAP docs here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking time to post this. This helped me twice in the past years! Googled the problem and your solution was right there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the post. It helped me resolve my issue.