Thursday, November 10, 2022

Delete a DTP without deleting request in data target?

Normally the DTP that is not needed anymore can be deleted either from SAP HANA Studio (BW Modeling Tools), from RSDTP t-code, from RSA1 t-code etc. However, in some cases the deletion of the DTP is not possible. Such a case can be that the DTP is type of delta and it was used to load the data. The data that the DTP loaded remains in data targets. The DTP normally can’t be deleted. This would mean that even such the DTP is obsolete it is not possible to retain the data in SAP BW system and to get rid of the DTP in the same time. Because of that as DTP is still present in the system it is not possible to get rid of not used anymore objects like transformations, data sources. Reason is that those objects are still referenced by the DTP.

Luckily, there is a solution to fix this. In case that the DTP can’t be deleted via normal procedure (SAP HANA Studio, RSDTP t-code, RSA1 t-code) ABAP program RSBKDTPDELETE can be used to delete DTP like described above. Selection screen of the program needs just the DTP technical name that will be deleted to be provided. Also, one needs to be careful in case of the delta DTP. If the delta DTP is deleted the delta mechanism between source and target will be invalidated and delta would need to be reinitialized.

The program is delivered via SAP Note 2834915. It is available for BW 7.x versions also including BW4 versions of SAP BW.

What are the DTP types that the program capable to delete?

- Detached DTPs – so called DTPs without reference

- Error stack DTPs

- Delta DTPs – It is possible to delete such the DTPs however a strict authorization must be assigned to a user.

Program RSBKDTPDELETE vs RSBKDTPDELETE2 – There is also a 2nd version if the program available. A difference between the two is that 2nd version can generate a transport request of the DTP deleted. Also a different BW’s frameworks are used to delete the DTPs. There is a cl_rsdtis_factory=>delete_all_requests_of_dtp used in ver1 and if_rso_tlogo_maintain~delete in latter one.

More information:

934492 - 70SP08: Data transfer process (DTP) cannot be deleted

2925404 - Program RSBKDTPDELETE dump

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