Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Activating Business Function in SAP BW

SAP NetWeaver ABAP Stack based systems are using called Switch Framework concept to control what functionality is enabled in the system. Functionalities of the SAP system delivered as either Software Add-ons by the SAP itself or by its partners can be switch on and off by using the Switch Framework. More detailed information about the Switch Framework can be found here.

In this post, I briefly discuss what are a procedures to check if particular business function is in/active in the system. As well as how to activate the BI Content.


To check the status of particular business function:

1. t-code SFW5 find particular business function:

Double click on the entry and its status is displayed in next screen:

To see all others details like development packages that delivers to function drill into the entry located on Switch tab:

To install BI Business Content below is a procedure:

1. Turn on Business Function in t-code SFW5. In case of SAP HANA-optimized BW Content it is the function /IMO/BWCONTENT. Notice that /IMO/BW_CONTENT is obsolete now.

2. Install BI content itself with t-code RSORBCT


More information:

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