Tuesday, November 1, 2022


It is becoming a tradition that in autumn SAP developer relation team prepared an initiative called Devtoberfest. In a nutshell it is an contest for SAP community – for developers. It lasts for four weeks of October month. Each week has assigned a number of activities. By fulfilling, the activities a one can collect a points. The activities are mostly a tutorials located at developers.sap.com There is a nice gameboard that shows progress of individual during the contest. Each day of the week is dedicated to a topic (e.g. ABAP, UI technologies (IU5, Fiori), Analytics (Machine Learning, Data Warehousing), Low-Code/No-Code, Cloud (Containerization, Kubernetes).

I is a really fun to take a part in the Devtoberfest plus you get to learn a ton of new things!

Below is how I did during the event during years:




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