Friday, December 3, 2021

Logging to SAP BPC Add-in with different (no SSO) user

Sometimes there is a need to logon to SAP’s BPC Add-in with different user too. Similarly like to Analysis for Office or like to other SAP applications. Briefly, what needs to be done is to bypass SSO authentication scheme. Below is quick info on how to do it.


Logon to SAP BPC web administration page (sometimes called BPC Web Client). The URL of this page may differ based on particular version of the BPC it can look like:


Once you logged with your default user (in case of SSO – e.g. your WINDOWS domain user) you need to log out via menu Preferences-> Log Off:

Afterwards login with different user:

Now other user is logged in into BPC Web Client. However, our ultimate goal is to login to MS Excel’s Add-in called “SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions, add-in for Microsoft Office”. That is a place where the BPC users are working for most of the time. To get the MS Excel opened with the different user you need to proceed in BPC Web Client’s menu called Settings->EPM Plug-in for Microsoft Office Excel.

This will open the new session in the MS Excel. You are now logged with the different user the one that was used to login to BPC Web Client. You can prove it by typing in EPM function EPMUser() in the MS Excel. That will show what user is currently logged in.


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Aaron said...

Is this the same thing as creating a new non-SSO entry in the SAPGUI, then logging into BPC-Excel client with it?

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Aaron,

basically yes, but this is for BPC web administration page (aka BPC Web Client).