Thursday, May 13, 2021

Developer (and other SSCR) keys simplification in S/4 based systems

SAP Software Change Registration (SSCR) is s procedure of registering manual changes of SAP dictionary and source code. It includes the object registration (object key), developer registration (so called developer key). If developer (must have developer key in table DEVACCESS, this key is entered only once) wants to modify objects in the SAP system it prompts for these keys (object key for SAP source code or dictionary object, keys are stored in table ADIRACCESS). These keys are normally requested via SAP Support Portal at a link

However, within introduction S/4 (starting with version S/4HANA 1511, BW/4 systems including as well) based system the SSCR procedure has changed. Whether the particular system requires the SSCR keys can be controlled by system profile parameter system/usage_flavor. If it is set to value SIMPLE the registration is off. On other hand if it is set to value, STANDARD the registration is on. Notice that the parameter can only be set during system installation phase. Technically, how the developers are controlled (in case the standard registration is off) is that the developer has to have a role assigned that contains authorization objects S_TRANSPRT and S_DEVELOP.

I consider this as an activity that is a part of simplification of SAP systems. Complete “key registration” thing was just an unnecessary burden (think of registering a new ABAP developers, someone who has an access to SAP Support portal needed to do the registration) for SAP customers. That is why to me it is nice to see it’s gone. Yet there are other possibilities how to control the developments. Think of defining changeability of SAP system in t-code SE06, define client specific behavior for development in t-code SCC4. See more info regarding those options here: System change option for SAP BW systems.


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