Wednesday, July 6, 2011

System change option for SAP BW systems

This topic is quite often being discussed in SDN’s forums. The thing is how to set up BW system client’s setting in order to allow:

1.    Successful source system connection creation
2.    Customize settings on BW object’s settings in production environment

Basically all the relevant settings must be done in two transactions: SCC4 – client independent related settings and SE06 – name-space settings.

1.    In case we are about to create connection from SAP BW to its SAP based source system we need to so called open the system. This is done in TA SCC4 via settings following options:
a.    Changes to repository and cross-client customizing allowed
b.    Automatic recording of changes
c.    CATT and eCATT are allowed
Moreover you need to set following changes to name-spaces:
a.    Customer name-spaces set to modifiable
b.    Customer developments HOME set to modifiable
c.    Local developments (no auto transport) LOCAL set to modifiable
d.    SAP BW SAP name-space /BI0/ set to modifiable
e.    SAP BW customer name-space /BIC/ set to modifiable
Notice that after successful source system creation you need to close system reverting those settings.

2.    Speaking about BW systems system settings in production environment. This scenario highly depends on practices within particular organization. E.g. there might be rules in place like all the developments event objects like InfoPackages, DTP, starter variants of Process Chains must be created in DEV system and transported afterwards to PROD. However some organization can freely allow e.g. objects mentioned above to be changed in PROD environments. To customize this there is a tool called Transport Connection introduced. Tool is available in TA Administrator Workbench (RSA1)->Transport Connection or directly via TA RSOR. Within its Object changeability we can set particular objects to “not changeable” or “changeable” state. This is then influencing either developer/admin can change those objects without being asked for transport request.

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