Monday, May 31, 2021

T-code SMENQ - replacement for SM12

Within SAP Basis component (ABAP Platform is its new name, not NetWeaver ApplicationServer ABAP Stack anymore) that runs underneath of S/4 systems installations there is a new SAP enqueue server called SAP Standalone Enqueue server 2 available. It was developed to ensure high availability architecture. It comes within ABAP Platform 1809 version. It is a successor to the standalone enqueue server. It is a component of the SAP lock concept and manages the lock table. This principle ensures the consistency of data in an ABAP system.

As a consequence an old t-code that are used to manage locks in the system were refreshed. Some of them are obsolete for long time – such as t-code SM12OLD. Newer ones like RS12 or SM12 are still available but they should not be used. There is more advanced t-code called SMENQ available. It is used for same activities as  old ones – to monitor and administer the server.

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