Friday, May 21, 2021

How to check BPC environment state (on/off line)?

BPC Environment is an umbrella term that groups shared metadata, such as dimensions, common configurations, and security, which becomes the basis of one or more BPC models. Normally when the users are working with the BPC the environment must be - available (it is in online state). In case there are, some changes done within its configuration the environment can be taken offline.

There are a few ways how to spot if the environment is in on/off line state.

1. in BPC web client: In Administration under Manage section there is a part related to managing of environments. Here the state of the environments is visible.

2. In EPM Add-in in MS Excel: On log-on attempt into the BPC there is an pop-up announcing that the environment is in offline state.

3. In SAP BPC backend: Via SAP GUI in table UJ0_PARAM_APP and FIELD = AVAILABLEFIELD the environment is in offline state of the value of the field is zero. It is in online state if the value is 1.

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