Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Scheduling Process Chains via copying its jobs

In my other blog post I mentioned how to schedule Process Chains with restrictions. This basically covers scenarios that things like SAP Factory calendar is used to base the scheduling on. Also this is about scenarios when the job shall not be executed on e.g. weekends-workdays etc.

Similarly there might be requirements on how to schedule the PC several times a day but there is no periodicity of these runs. Had it been the case periodicity is there than just a settings within job’s Start Time dialog box (like every minute/hour/day/…) can be leveraged -> see mu screenshot in here. These settings can be found under Periodic Values button in that pop-up window.

However as the periodicity is not given what can be done to schedule the job? Actually there is a possibility to just schedule one job for any given specific time and once there is a job scheduled via copying the job we replicate other schedules for the same PC for different start times that we need to have the PC running. This can be achieved via t-code SM37. There in its menu called Job there is an item Repeat scheduling available.

Once the job is copied just a start condition needs to be changed in the SM37 and that it!

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