Friday, July 7, 2017

Delete data load requests from Open Hub

Loads to Open Hubs (OH) are pretty much automated. This is meant in a way that there is normally not needed any manual user interaction. However in case load has failed and it needs to be deleted there are not many options left.
One of the options is to just see DTP associated with the OH. There is icon on tollbar called on "Last Request". This gets to data load request maintenance screen. By manipulating the request status via "Where-used List" button we can influence the load e.g. to delete it via setting it to failed status - red.

Another option is to run FM RSB_API_OHS_REQUEST_SETSTATUS. This FM set the status of the OH in load monitor. As input parameters an request ID, desired status (R   = Red; G = Green; N = New; O = Data Request) and finally message – text that will be shown in monitor. All 3 params are mandatory. Once the FM runs the OH request is set to the desired request status.


Unknown said...

Thank you! Very helpful

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Martin.