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Different versions and statuses of BW objects

While working with BW objects one may encounter with different versions and statuses they may have.

Version of BW object (domain OBJVERS) is used to differentiate last active version and the modified version. E.g. if some settings within the BW object has changed from X to Z then before the object is activated then value of X is presented within record having OBJVERS 'A' and the value of Z will be in the 'M' record of the BW object. Once the object is activated then Z will be present in 'A' version.

To track changes within the BW object following customizing can be enabled: SPRO –>SAP Reference IMG –>SAP Net Weaver –>Business Warehouse –>General Settings –> Create Historical TLOGO Versions Automatically. Enabling this; the system may store historical versions of the specific BW object type (so called TLOGO – domain RSTLOGO) in case whether is created before the object of the relevant type is exported, imported or activated. The historical version enables you to monitor changes made to an object over time. Historical version can be generated in event of:

- Automatic version creation of export

- Automatic version creation after import

- Automatic version creation before activation


Objects versions of rest of BW objects (e.g. cubes, variables, etc) as defined in domain RSOBJVERS:

A        Active

M        Revised

N        New

D        Content

H        Historic

T        Transport

R        Retrofit (for some object types like BW transformations)


Object version for BI Metadata Search as domain RSOSOBJVERS:

A        Active

D        Content


Object versions of query elements - Usually query elements might be presented in the database tables in several objects versions:

A - Active version used by the BEx Query Designer and OLAP

B - Backup version represents 3.x definition in 7.x system

D - Delivery version. The objects created and delivered as SAP Business Content

M - Modifiable version. Used in transport. Query elements are imported into a target system in 'M' object version.

S - A backup object version created by the report SAP_GLOBV_CHECK.


Status of BW object describes whether the object is currently active or not. If it is active the value in is set to 'ACT', otherwise it will be 'INA'. The same value will be present in the 'A' and 'M' records for this field.

Object Status of BW object (DTP, LPO, TRFN, OpenHub, etc.) as per domain RSOBJSTAT:

ACT    Active, executable

INA     Inactive, not executable

OFF     Switched off

PRO    Productive


More information:

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