Tuesday, July 11, 2017

De-scheduling of BEx Broadcast

I recently needed to de-schedule one BEx broadcast I just realized that I forgot how to do it :-) Thus I’m writing this short blog post for my and perhaps others future reference.

As mostly all the settings of BEx broadcaster are done in web environment of JAVA stack -obviously also scheduling / de-schedule happens there. To start it one may go to t-code RSRD_ADMIN - Broadcasting Administration -> Settings and search here for particular broadcast you want to maintain. Once it is found just hit EDIT button and that action will start web environment of broadcaster.

Here there is a hyper link called “Overview of Scheduled Settings” available:

There one needs to specify again the same settings as in the t-code. Once it is found here and displayed there is a button called “Delete Selected Schedules” available and there you go..
For more information about many other features of the BEx broadcaster environment refer to: How to Edit or Delete a Scheduled BW Report

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