Monday, July 17, 2017

How to check what is your SAP system type?

SAP system type is an function of the system in the SAP system group from the point of view of the Transport Organizer.

What is the SAP system type or sometimes referred as SAP system class can be revealed from parameters of SAP system. These parameters itself are normally set via system profile parameters function (t-codes RZ10 / RZ11).

1. transport/systemtype defines if the system belongs from a transport point-of-view to the world of SAP development systems (param value = SAP) or if it is a customer system (value = "CUSTOMER" and it is default value). The parameter is set during installation of the system. The parameter affects the transport behavior of the system (e.g. range of transport request numbers) on the correction system (working in the SAP namespace SSCR, etc.), and on upgrade behavior (keyword modifications).

2. auth/sap_test_system parameter indicates that the SAP system is special test system.  If so value of the param is set to ON.

3. auth/fa_test_system parameter indicates that the SAP system is type of test system marked as final assembly system. If so value is set to ON.
If any of these parameters are present in the SAP system it means that the system is based on ABAP Stack.

As alternative to t-codes RZ10 / RZ11 function module TR_SYS_PARAMS can be used to check of what is value of transport/systemtype among other technical information like System Change Option, SID, Change Option for Client-Dependent Customizing Objects, Change Option for Repository Objects in Logon Client, Client Role, Recording Client for Switch BC Sets.

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