Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SAP new logo – 2015 and beyond

Last week during SAP TechEd && d-code event in Las Vegas SAP has started to roll its new logo quietly.  The logo started to be appearing on Oct 21 on SAP home page. Afterwards official SAP twitter account (some of other SAP’s twitter accounts also), linkedin and profile and youtube followed.

The logo it-self is major change comparing to previous one. At first SAP completely abandoned blue as color and shape of the former logo. On color side now it is orange but they called it gold. Personally gold is fine with me. I think blue was also better but as gold implies warmness I think it is good move. On the logo shape I’m not that enthusiastic. For me the shape that was something which made SAP unique. When I look back how SAP logo evolved over the time the shape was there for most of company history. As in the new logo an A letter is shaped into some kind of smiley I believe the smiley can be a kind of differentiator for new logo.

So what message SAP delivers with the new logo? It is all about simplicity as announced on this year SAP’s annual SapphireNow conference. See more on SAP simplicity here:

There is one more thing. The new logo is there but there is no any SAP official statement about its lunch. This may seem to be strange. And it was until recently. In discussion thread on SCN finally and SAP employee (Costanza Tedesco - SVP SAP Brand Experience) made statement which seems to be the only one related to the new logo. Basically she shares that currently it was soft launch just in North America and larger lunch will occur in Jan 2015. She also suggests that new gold color was picked because the gold was here for quite a long time – just remember how layout and colors of all SAP presentations...

This is the new SAP Logo 2015 and beyond:

This is its predecessor 2011 – 2014 ????:

- update 23/09/2015 - 
SAP's official logo is not the gold color one. Change of the logo to the gold color in Q4 2014 was a "test phase" and it turned out that SAP decided to keep the blue logo.

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