Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Named users in SAP licensing

This is a term used within SAP terminology. It is popping up in many SAP documents. Also it may appear while you setting up some SAP’s functionalities. One of examples would be some installation of SAP solution checking license and demanding to acquire more named user licenses in case license limit has been exceeded.

Therefore I thought it will be good to know more about it. Basically it describes type of SAP license. A named user is a license of user (user should have a meaningful name, therefore they say “named” user) that is authorized for individual access to licensed SAP software. By software it is meant particular functionality of SAP. It is a mandatory for most of users (speaking here about regular business users not technical ones) to have this named users while accessing SAP functionality. So named users are e.g. employees with organization using SAP software. There is license price associated per named users.

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