Wednesday, October 8, 2014


As of Oct 8th 2014 a successor to GUI 7.3 (for Windows) was introduced. This means product reached its General Availability. Major enhancements are as follows. When it comes to new design there is one new theme called Blue Crystal Design as successor of Corbu. See on picture below where it is compared to Corbu:

Main goal of new theme is to integrate designs of NWBC and SAP GUI. Those two are even integrated more tightly in 7.4. SAP GUI can be embedded into NWBC for example. Also desktop or taskbar icon consolidates sessions of both. Configuration files are the same for both. SAP UI Landscape is introduced in this matter also. It means that GUI session can run either stand alone or embedded into NWBC. So it is same “UI landscape”. Technically UI landscape is configured with single XML file.

There are also installation improvements according accessibility, paths, etc. The 74 GUI has SAP Screenreader (SRX) Extensions.  SRX is now part of GUI.
The 74 version is built on MS Visual Studio 2012 (VS). This VS is supported until January 2018. Therefore the GUI will be maintained till Jan 9th 2018.

Version 7.4 for JAVA will be released in December 2014.

As always new GUI is downloadable from -> Installations and Upgrades -> A – Z Index -> G -> SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS -> SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS 7.40 CORE

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