Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM)

If you are SAP Basis consultant most likely you are aware that this tool. For me as BW guys it was new information that I heard lately. Actually there is a new tool for so called software provisioning. In terms of SAP software provisioning embraces all processes such as installation, uninstallation, system copy, or system transformation of SAP systems. The tool itself is called Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM).

This basically means that our old and much known tool for installation of SAP systems SAPINST (e.g. sapinst.exe on MS Windows OS) is not delivering together with SAP installation media. Instead the SAPINST is bundled into the tool with broader scope – the SPM. What happens is that SAP changed delivery model of their software with introduction of the SWPM. By this installation framework tools (like SAPINST) are independed from product-specific installation (e.g. master DVD) and are not bounded into specific product corresponding delivery cycle. By downloading the SWPM you always get the newest version of it. Therefore do not be confused by e.g. SAP note 1825724 which says in its title: “SAP Software Provisioning Manager has replaced SAPINST and the SAP Installation Master Media as of SAP Netweaver 7.0 SR3 or greater.” The SAPINST is not replaced it is just decoupled from SAP Installation Master Media. Or in this Note 1233320 where it says that SWPM is successor of SAPinst – it is not per se.

You can download SWPM from service.sap.com/swdc -> Installations and Upgrades -> S -> SL Toolset -> SL Toolset 1.0 -> Software Provisioning Manager 1.0

As of now there are two archives, based on supported product version:
- 70SWPM*.SAR: for systems based on SAP NW 7.0x
- SWPM*.SAR: for systems based on SAP NW 7.3x+

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