Monday, October 13, 2014

Business content (BI Content aka BCT) activation procedure – part II

Long time ago I wrote a short blogpost about Business content (BI Content or BCT) activation procedure. However the post is just really brief. Therefore I establish on that post and will try to improve it within this post.

So what I have to do in order to activate BI Content?

First let’s check if BI Content is present in your SAP NetWeaver based system. This can be done while user is logged in the system e.g. via SAP GUI. In menu of the system choose System -> Status -> Component Information. Here observe if there is software component called BI_CONT. I this is not there then there is nothing to be activated. You need to ask your SAP Basis support about missing component. They have to install it via TA SAINT.

Once it is there you are good to go further. In case of BW system we use TA RSOR to see and further to activate the BCT. While we enter the RSOR we need to know which object we are going to install. If you follow either:

- Standard implementation of e.g. Best Practices or
- Implementation Guide of some SAP solution or
- Documentation of BW’s BCT like in case of Procurement’s Purchase Orders Confirmed as Requested report

just check what objects are supposed to be installed and search for them.

Imagine we go with 3rd option and we want to activate e.g. report [ABC Analysis - Vendors 0D_NW_EPM_MP01_Q0001]. First we search for that object as per following object:

Once we transfer the object it is useful to set following settings:

Grouping -> Only Necessary Objects – by this only objects which are needed for report’s data flow will be included in activation.

Now we can bring more objects into the list of objects that will be displayed. This is useful in case we want to activate other e.g. reports:

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