Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to patch SAP Support Package Manager

There is this well-known error message which make me crazy almost every time I want to patch SAP system. It is about SAP Support Package Manager tools (SAINT or SPAM) which need to be upgraded prior the real upgrade of some component that I wanted to patch originally. The message goes like this for example:

SAPKB74005 requires at least version 0051 of the Support Package Manager
Message no. TN194

OK SAP. What else I can do? Just to patch the SAP Support Package Manager. So how do I do that? First of all the patch needs to be obtained from SMP.  It can be found at Basically it is SAR file. Then login as DDIC user into your 000 client. Run Tcode SPAM. Go via menu Support packages ->Load Packages ->From Front End.

Choose decompress. System will announce that “File 'sapkd74054.sar' successfully transferred, decompressed, and then deleted Message no. TN713. After that go to menu Support packages again and choose Import SPAM/SAINT item. The system will notify you about upcoming import of the patch:

This pop-up needs just to be confirmed. SPAM update icon will turn to red as signaling – ongoing update of the tool. The patch import phase will go through all its stages like main import, execution of reports after put, etc. After same time the patching will be finished with following pop-up:

Restart SPAM and read the current information ('i' button)
Message no. TN189
The message mean nothing else just the Support Package Manager was successfully patched.

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