Friday, January 31, 2014

SAP Information Steward

This SAP offering originally from its BusinessObjects portfolio aims to provide a single environment to discover, assess, define, monitor, and improve the quality of your enterprise data assets. It is a part of SAP Enterprise Information management (EIM). This sounds really like pure marketing. Well I realized it J Therefore let’s talk about it in plainer and more technical English.
What is this software trying to address is the data quality. Image how difficult is to get Month End Closing (MEC) done for many organization when they have their data spread over x different departments. Every department is using their “practices” to deal with the data. Users sometimes do not know what definition of the data is, they do not know ability to analyze data dependencies, and they lack visibility where the data is coming from. At the event of MEC there is a lot of rush to consolidate eh data into form that is needed to be. So this is where EIM is coming to: it has components to handle Information Governance, Master Data Management, Content Management, Event Processing and Data Service. Following the Information Steward solution it has in particular these components:

Components and capabilities:
SAP BusinessObjects Data Insight – Data profiling
SAP BusinessObjects Metadata Management – Metadata Analysis
SAP BusinessObjects Data Services – e.g. Data Cleaning within Cleansing Package Builder (CPB)
SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management – Data Quality (DQ) Monitoring

As Information Steward was originally BusinessObjects products there are /were following versions available:
SAP Information Steward 4.2 (includes Data Cleansing Advisor feature)

Useful links: – EIM homepage
SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward – presentation from 2011

EIM-IS - SMP component

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