Sunday, February 2, 2014

Intermediate Support Packages

With respect to SPS or SP (Support Package Stack) topic which is discussed here someone may heard also about Intermediate Support Packages (iSP). iSP is basically the same - a package of support packages and patches (de facto a collection of SAP Notes)  for a certain quarterly timed release. In case of some components of SAP software iSP were introduced like BW, PI (XI), etc.
What I understand that iSP is? Usually when there is a new particular SP released and there are some follow up SAP Notes related to that. These Notes have to be implemented manually by TA SNOTE. To prevent this intermediate Support Packages were introduced. So all the Notes released after SP release are packed into iSP.

In case or BW intermediate Support Package are dedicated to ABAP Stack and front-end (GUI) Support Packages. There is no iSP for BW JAVA Stack.

However in case of BW iSP were discontinued.  There are no longer delivered as of BW Support Package Stack 14.

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