Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SAP ecosystem renewed

Seven years ago I posted a blog about SAP ecosystem. In retrospect that blog looks really obsolete. First of all the scope of ecosystem got much larger then it was to be back in 2007. That time ecosystem was supposed to comprise more-less from partner companies only. Also everything at that time was about SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) which was claimed as core of ecosystem. We all know how SOA hype turned out afterwards.

OK, let’s jump back to present time. SAP needed to drive their ecosystem by something similar to what other companies like Apple did. They engaged wide spectrum of developers. This at is the end what made their products so successful. SAP is I (personally hope) striving to follow same path. Ecosystem is therefore all customers, partners (all type of consultancies from big system integrators through to small boutique type of companies to independed freelancers), developers (and I say developers, developers, developers!), SAP user groups, SAP experts (such as SAP Mentor, influencers, SCN topic leaders etc.) and industry experts.

We have seen in last year 2013 a push to ecosystem by SAP. What is even more needed we have seen big push towards the developers. Fee initiatives introduced last year which I believe will have huge impact on ecosystem:
  • Learning platform ( where developers can gain and broaden their current skills and obtain new one via plenty of courses.
  • UI technology SAP UI5 introduces as open source called OpenUI5.
  • Unified SAP DeveloperLicense – which allows to freely share ABAP code within the projects.
To complete this post I like to point to current possibilities of how start application developments on SAP platforms which I blogged yesterday here.

For more details see:
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PS: as this is my very first blog of year 2013 I’d like to wish all of you very happy New Year MMXIV. Let it bring good health and wealth to you!

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