Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Transport option IMPORT ALL for BW objects

Since Solution Manager (SOLMAN) system arrived to SAP scene a huge push to automation of SAP systems administration takes place. This of course involves transport between SAP systems. The transports in particular because especially in BW area transports are really painful. SOLMAN forces to use so call IMPORT ALL transport procedure. What is technically done is as follows. The option IMPORT ALL or sometime called as tp import all is involved within METHOD EXECTION phase of transport (during which the objects are being stored into target’s system repositories). Basically in case there are more transport requests (TR or CTS) present in transport queue they are all taken and imported into target system. But is objects (e.g. IOs) which are influencing other objects (e.g. InfoProvider) are not in same TR but in several TRs it is very likely that some of TR will fail during its after-import processing. This would not be an issue in case of ECC (or R/3) objects. However it is an issue in case of BW objects because of dependencies, metadata and so on. Therefore it is needed to handle after-import phase differently. Objects from all TRs are merged together into the one list and the list is processed just once.

If you want to use this functionality notice that there are 2 versions of this solution depending on your BW release:

Pilot and final version. Within pilot you need to set parameter RSVERS_BI_IMPORT_ALL of RSADMIN table to X. Refer to Notes below for further details.

Also notice that in such a scenario of transport setup all the logs from all the TRs are collected into the log of 1st TR.

1115759 - Error during import of BI objects with "Import all"
1556801 - Restrictions for IMPORT ALL in relation to BW objects

1385869 - Parallel execution of BI after-import methods

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