Monday, January 13, 2014

Bypassing SSO in Analysis Office (AO)

For BW developers it is business as usual that they have to test their reports to check whether they are working with test user’s account. This means that during the report development the developer was using the developer account but during the testing he or she has to use test account. In case within the landscape a Single Sign-On (SSO) is in place the developer may not be able to use other account then his own one.

However there is a solution. You can bypass SSO and provide user credentials for particular log on. Depending on you user workflow you need to switch off setting of "Activate Secure Network Communication" for particular BW system. You can find this setting in SAP Logon Pad. Proceed with the right click on particular system and choose Properties. After that you get pop-up where you maintain the setting. Once you done with testing you may want to set it back.

For different option, how of how to log on to AfO with different non-SSO user see also a newer post: Logging to Analysis for Office with different (no SSO) user

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