Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Switch Framework for BW

You may hear about term Switch Framework. It simplifies ABAP based NetWeaver systems by enabling of switching on/off features of the system. Switching on/off approach means objects change their visibility in repository. The purpose is to adapt/activate the industry settings or solution in particular system. The intention is to provide more functionality by enhancing standard functionality with aim to minimize custom development. The Switch Framework controls which enhancement implementations are to be performed. This is controlling:

- Switch on industry solutions and Enterprise Add-Ons delivered by SAP
- Enhance delivered partner and customer systems delivered by partners

See details here on components and architecture of Switch Framework here:

By which transaction I manage Switch Framework?

SFW1                      Create switches
SFW2                      Create business functions
SFW3                      Create business functions sets
SFW5                      Switch on business functions
SFW2 and SFW5       Maintaining information about business functions
SFW_BROWSER        Display and check the status of business functions

When it comes to BW there are also objects which can be managed by Switch Framework. In this case it is about query components. In particular about Business Content (BCT) delivered queries. The framework is called "Switchable Query Components in the Switch Framework".

All query components that are not reusable (e.g. characteristics, attributes, structure elements, conditions, exceptions and cells) are switchable in the Switch Framework. In case query is missing some functionality you can do the switch in TA RSOSCSW.

For more details refer to documentation

- Update on 04/08/2017 –

The BW Switch Framework is being further enhanced in recent versions of BW. As per SAP Note 2094114 with the Switch Framework it is possible to influence the BW system behavior either system-wide or user specific. 

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