Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Importance of BW objects – BI Admin Cockpit (TA RSTCIMP)

Define Importance is activity within installing BI Admin Cockpit. The Cockpit 
sometimes also known as BW Admin Cockpit (SMP component BW-BCT-TCT)
is BW’s functionality for monitoring of BW’s performance. The Cockpit enables 
you to see utilization of your BW systems in terms of data loading and query
runs.  It is based on the technical BI content for runtime and status data 
for BW objects and activities. It was previously in BW 3.x known as 
BW Statistics. 
You can setup the cockpit as per step-by-step guide in SAP Note: 934848 
collective note: (FAQ) BI Administration Cockpit. IMG path to set it up is as 
SPRO -> SAP NetWeaver -> Business Intelligence -> Settings for BI Content 
-> Business Intelligence -> BI Administration Cockpit.
Within the setup there is optional IMG activity (Define Importance, TA 
RSTCIMP), you can assign importance of BW objects. Importance is then 
useful while you analyze statistics data (for example for filtering or sorting).
You can set up the importance for following objects:
·         Queries
·         MulitProviders
·         InfoSets
·         InfoCubes
·         DataStore objects
·         Process chains
Importance is basically number from range 0-100. By default all the BW
objects are having importance value set to 50. You need to uncheck 
default value checker Inh (Inherit values from related objects) to enable 
yourself to enter different value. Data of importance is stored in table 

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