Saturday, April 27, 2013

Retraction of data from BW to ECC CO-PA

Retraction is usually provisioning of data stored in BW system into its source systems. In general Retractor is functionality that transfers the data from the BW) back to a source system. By this we providing data already transformed and aggregated in some way back to the source system. Retractors are heavily used in ECC’s CO-PA (Controlling Profitability Analysis) module. Here actual data previously extracted to BW systems is used as reference data for generating new planning data in CO-PA module. E.g. retractor is used to transfer this planning data back to the source system as target values for the planning periods. Both type if data transfer is possible: PUSH – extraction triggered in BW and PULL extraction triggered in ECC.
Examples of other retractor applications: from BPS to PP module, BPC to CO-PA,..

How to prepare such a CO-PA extractor?
First we need to prepare BW query which will provide the data. Basically retractor in ECC will call this query and data from the query will be stored in ECC. Secondly we need to perform customizing in ECC. By customizing a mapping is meant between characteristics and key figures in query to fields (so called characteristics and value fields in CO-PA). The customizing is done in KELC transaction. 

How to perform retraction in ECC?
We use KELR transaction. This is PULL extraction. Here on selection screen we specify name for particular transfer of data. As well as RFC connection to BW system and technical name of BW query. Also we need to specify type of data (actual, plan etc.). Then we run it. Log (TA KELU) and other functionality (Cancel: TA KELS) is available as well.

For details refer to:

540278 - Retractor: Changes to BW system after Customizing transport

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