Monday, April 29, 2013

Browser's support by SAP

As BW consultant you may wonder sometimes what web browser are supported in BW/BI area. As web access is used also in other SAP solutions we can extent the topic of browser support to functionalities witch utilize different User Interface (UI) technologies. Over the time SAP has developed a many of UI technologies. Just to mention a few:

·         Web Dynpro ABAP (BC-WD-ABA)
·         Web Dynpro Java (BC-WD-JAV)
·         SAP GUI for HTML (integrated ITS)
·         NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) for HTML
·         Enterprise Portal End Users (Portal rendering and HTMLB for Java) or SAP NetWeaver Portal
·         Portal Administrator
·         BSP (Business Server Pages, incl. HTMLB for ABAP Design 2003 and 2008), BSP Extensions
·         SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe (SAP IFbA)
·         BI (BEx Web and BI Java)
·         Visual Composer Runtime (Desktop/Mobile)
·         Visual Composer Designtime
·         SAPUI5 , SAPUI Services
·         ICF System logon (BC-MID-ICF-LGN)

There are a tons of functionalities spread across different SAP solution which are even completely designed to be accessed via web. Therefore the browser support is very important.
In general currently SAP supports following browsers, always see particular SAP Note with the latest information about the browser. 

1/ Internet Explorer
1672817 - Internet Explorer for end users and administrators
1599159 – IE9 Release Note for Administrators
1583947 – Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Release Notes

2/ Mozilla Firefox
990034 - Firefox browser for end users and administrators

3/ Apple Safari
1634749 - Safari browser for end user and administrators
1446519 – Safari Restrictions for Unified Rendering and ACF

4/ Google Chrome
1655306 - Google Chrome for end users and administrators

Opera – is not currently supported by SAP applications. Only way how Opera is supported is that you can use it to browser SAP’s Service Marketplace (SMP)

Detailed information about supported web browser (browser running on operating system versions) is available in the Product Availibility Matrix (PAM) on SAP’s Service Marketplace (SMP). Apart of PAM also check following main SAP Notes related to browsers:

1728946 - Central Browser Note for NetWeaver
1566444 - Main Browser Note for BS7i2010
1574357 - Main Browser Note for BS7i2011
1296419 - Main Browser Note for NW 2004
1296463 - Main Browser Note for NW 7.0
1296464 - Main Browser Note for NW 7.1
1509421 - Main Browser Note for NW 7.3
1793938 - Main Browser Note for NetWeaver 7.4
1403485 - Browser Support: Windows 7

More important SAP Notes for SAP BW:
1029680 - BEx Web applications Java: Limitations for Firefox
494689 - Web Browser compatibility of BW 3.0A and higher
321973 - Recommendations for the BW front end
338532 - BW 2.0B and 2.1C Web browser compatibility

More important SAP Notes per UI technology:
598860 - Browsers supported by BSP
1705067 - Known issues for Portal on Device
1716423 - SAPUI5 Browser Support for Mobile and Desktop Applications

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