Monday, April 29, 2013

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile client

As of mid of March 2013 there is a SAP BusinessObjects Mobile client available for download. Basically following two major mobile platforms are supported:
·         android – android OS based mobile phones or tablets
·         iOS – apple’s: iphone, ipads
·         Windows Mobile – based phones and tablets
·         Blackberry – based phones and tablets
·         Symbian – based phones

Mobile clients are applications for the mobile device that needs to be downloaded to each mobile device. The clients are providing an access to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) documents from mobile devices. By BI documents are meant as such: Web Intelligence documents and Crystal report documents.

Current version of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile is 4.2.4.

To be able to use Mobile client application you need to deploy SAP BusinessObjects Mobile server. The server part is basically Web application server. It performs receiving of the requests sent by mobile client and passing them to the SAP  BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform server. Also receiving the response (e.g. Web Intelligence or Crystal Report report’s output data) from the BI platform server and sending it back to the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile client.

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