Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I recently came across few SAP BW notes on SMP like:

1683554        SAPI tasks for System Copy Automation   
1703068        System copy with archive
1632574        BW tasks for System Copy Automation

and I found ABAP tool called Z_DOCU_CREATE_FROM_FILE mentioned in these SAP Notes. The tool is used for automating ABAP’s messages creation while deploying Notes. Usage is of the tool very easy. As first you need to create ABAP report Z_DOCU_CREATE_FROM_FILE as itself. The source of the report is attached in those above mentioned Notes. Input parameter is transport request into which those ABAP messages will be stored into. Another input parameter is XML file attached in the Notes. The XML file has actually all the definitions of ABAP messages. 
Based on the XML file the will automatically create ABAP messages that are needed for particular notes.
Notice that to deploy messages further you need only to transport request where you stored he messages. The report Z_DOCU_CREATE_FROM_FILE doesn’t need to be transported to further systems in your landscape.

Notice that this tool is not similar to the open source SAP LINK which is full blown tool for sharing of ABAP codes. The Z_DOCU_CREATE_FROM_FILE tool at least in current stage (April 2013) supports just ABAP messages. See my blog post about SAP LINK.

Of course it is not similar to transaction SNOTE which deploys code correction contained in official SAP Notes.

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