Monday, July 11, 2011

Customizing of BW frontend version

You can force your user to use BEx 3.x or either 7.x version of BW frontend.  This means that while users execute TA RRMX or RRMXP (for workbooks), it will open for them specific BEx Analyzer version.

Notice that possibilities described below are only valid for SAP BW frontend (so called BI Add-On) within the following range: 700X.X.XXXX.525. 

If you are running BW 7.x with Support Package 10 and above:

1. Central customizing: TA SPRO -> Display -> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> SAP NetWeaver -> Business Intelligence -> Settings for Reporting and Analysis -> General Settings for Reporting and Analysis -> Set BEx Analyzer Version -> Choose the version of BEx Analyzer you want. Notice that above mentioned customizing path can be accessible via TA RRMX_CUST.

2. Manual customizing 1: Setting done as described in central customizing section above can be overridden for specific users: by maintaining parameter ID RRMX_VERSION (Version of BEx Analyzer used by transaction RRMX) in user’s master data (System -> User profile -> Own data -> Parameters). Here’s values for parameter:
a.    : starts BEx Analyzer depending on object version (e.g. workbook)
b.    3.x: starts the 3.x version of the BEx Analyzer
c.    70: starts the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 version of the BEx Analyzer

3. Manual customizing 2: Modifying of settings on level of operating system. Within OS Windows here’s registry entry: KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\BEx\Analyzer. Notice that registry modification is not very advisable.

3. Manual customizing 3:  Modifying parameter QD_EXCLUSIVE_USER of table RS_FRONTEND_INIT. Here you can specify list of user for whom SAP NetWeaver 7.0 version of the BEx Analyzer shall be allowed. This parameter has a limitation of 30 characters. If you need to specify longer list of users proceed with workaround as described in SAP Note 962530 - NW04s: How to restrict access to Query Designer 2004s (FM RS_SYSTEM_INFORMATION modification). Wildcard (*) can be used and several user must be separated by comma.

If you are running BW 7.x below Support Package 10:

1. Central customizing: maintain parameter RRMX_VERSION_CUST in table RSADMIN.

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Tani said...

Interesting to learn how the Customizing of BW frontend version can be done so easily. Its insane that you can easily do central customizing.

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