Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This report is used to prepare BW system for activities like system restart or system copy. To list at least some of basic activities for which shutdown is required:

·         Start and stop of system for some reason (e.g. error no OS level, file system etc.)
·         Migration, system copy
·         Saving and recovering data (back or restore of system)

Report was introduced with BW 7.1 version which is version of BW just used by used by Business ByDesign (ByD). Before ABAP Stack based BW systems is shutdown activities that are in progress in BW must be stopped. In case you going for soft shutdown which means BW system is not prepared for restart all active background jobs are canceled. Similarly data acquisition daemons (RDS) jobs are terminated without stopping the daemons.  No open data requests are closed. We can avoid issues like this while using this report. 

Report basically does following activities:
·         Stop/ restart  process chains
·         Stop/ restart  real-time data acquisition

After properly executed system restart you can use same report to start demands again. As of Support Package 07 for SAP NetWeaver 7.1 BI (SAPKW71007) report is RFC enabled.

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