Wednesday, July 13, 2011

System manipulation error message

Here another stories about odd SAP BW system messages. This time it is error message that you may face after or during system copies. Especially in case system copy was not properly or entirely finished. When you would run e.g. TA RSA1 during system copy it may appear. The message is following:

"system manipulation!!!" SAP BW R3208
Internal control tables have been changed manually in the system by someone in your company. This leads to errors in all the connections to other systems.
To prevent further manipulation of the tables, you are no longer able to make changes in the system.

Issue is cause by mixed entries in RSBASIDOC table. Resolution is manual check of content of this table followed by manual adjustment of entries in this table. It can be for example that you have 2 systems with same names assigned (e.g. two myself BW system).

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