Sunday, October 5, 2008

TA RSRT, RSRT1, RSRT2 difference?

Query Monitor is very useful tool used to analyzing problems with BI queries. You can very quickly find out how healthy your queries are and so on. Tool is accessible with transaction RSRT but there are 2 more transactions: RSRT1 and RSRT2. Difference between RSRT and RSRT1 is that via RSRT1 you can run Query views as well. What differentiate RSRT2 against two others is not clear to me. Somebody got an idea?




To complete this post I’m adding some more TAs related to Query Monitor:
RSRT Start of the report monitor
RSRT1 Start of the Report Monitor
RSRT2 Start of the Report Monitor
RSRTQ BWT: Query Definition (check of query definition)
RSRTRACE Set trace configuration
RSRTRACETEST Trace tool configuration

Read more on thsi topic in 2nd part of this article:
TA RSRT, RSRT1, RSRT2 differences? (Part 2)


liewithpassion said...

I learned something new today ... RSRT1 runs views as well. Great! It only does that with an HTML output though. I would really need the standard option of RSRT to have the output in list format. Any ideas on that?

krishna kashyap av said...
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