Monday, November 9, 2015

UFLAG field entries in table USR02

Regular entries of field USR02-UFLAG which refers to domain XUUFLAG are following below. However in many customer systems there are many other values which do not refer to the domain.

0        Not locked
32      Locked Globally By Administrator = Locked by CUA admin (User Admin)
64      Locked Locally By Administrator
128     Locked due to incorrect logon attempts or too many failed attempts

Some of the values in there are sums of two different values which are actually present in the domain. For example value of 192:

192     A combination of 128 and 64: 128 + 64 = 192. The user was locked by itself by entering too many incorrect passwords and later it was locked again by Administrator.

There is also common practice by basis people to increase the value of field for all users in the system by e.g. 1. They do this in events of e.g. upgrades when they need to lock all users in the system. Once such an activity is done they decrease the values again by 1 to get to the state as it was before the activity. In case you encounter some strange values in the table it might be got created by such activity.

More information:
1887820 - Incorrect User Lock Status (UFLAG) in table USR02

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