Monday, April 23, 2012

Deletion of temporary database BW objects

It might happen that because of upgrade of BW system, maintenance activities, inconsistencies etc. you need to reorganize temporary BW objects. These kinds of objects are starting with following name convention: 


Where X means different temporary object given by specifics circumstances which occurred when the object was created. E.g. /BI0/06* are tables used during BEx query processing. Refer to SAP Note 449891 for more object types.

If you face situation that you are running out temporary objects you can delete temporary object. You can use report SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES to reorganize them. Report deletes them pretty straight forward with checking either they are used at the runtime of report. Therefore it is advisable to run this report as a part of maintenance activities in defined time frame when no regular activities are happening in the BW system. Make sure no user is running queries, no data load is happening, no compression is in place etc.

Notice that report’s runtime is depended on how big your system is. In general if you going to run it for first time it might be that it will run for several hours.

Furthermore you can use function module RSDDTMPTAB_CLEANUP (while specifying input parameter I_NAMETYPE = 03) for the same as well.

See other SAP notes on topic of Temporary database objects in BW:
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