Saturday, May 3, 2008


Since SAP Basis 7.0 (SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Support Stack 12) a new basis transaction for database monitoring and administration is available called DBA Cockpit. It does provide a new access point to monitor and administer databases, which integrates all supported database platforms.
You can start the DBA Cockpit by either calling transaction DBACOCKPIT or by calling database administration transactions, for example, ST04, DB02 or DB13. When you call the DBA Cockpit using a specific database administration transaction, this determines the initial entry screen.
In the navigation frame of the DBA Cockpit, you can navigate between main task areas of database administration.
Task Area Corresponding TA Codes
· Performance ST04
· Space DB02
· Backup and Recovery DB12
· Jobs DB13, DB13C, DB24
· Configuration
· Alerts
· Diagnostics
· Monitoring of databases for all platforms: You can configure all your SAP-supported database(s) using the remote database connection in the DBA Cockpit. This remote database connection is available independently of the application running on your database.
· Integration with System Landscape Directory (SLD): You can configure the monitored systems and keep them up-to-date using the SLD instead of performing a manual setup
· Integrated Central Planning Calendar: A new central planning calendar is available as part of the DBA Cockpit
BI point of view
Via drill down from menu tree: Space -> BW Analysis BI part of DBCockpit is available. Over here basics information like BW objects we got in system, their partitions, sizes, extends, blocks, LOBs. I’ve found this tool very useful for basis resource who is not so deep in BW but can very quickly analyzed what’s going on in systems and inform functional people in advance.

Another feature which might be in some cases quite dangerous is SQL command editor from the DBA Cockpit.

You can write SQL command to underlying DB from in here. Of course not SAP application tables are accessible but you can try
See more information about DBCockpit on SDN.

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Nice info. I don't know that DBAcockpit have tool for BI, right now we have get in BI and do bases stuff there.