Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Semantic Grouping set in a DTP or in TRFN?

Semantic Grouping enables grouping of data based on its semantics into the same data pack that is process by the BW load. In BW classic based systems, this function is normally called the Semantic Grouping whereas in BW/4 based systems it is called Grouped Extraction.

If the function is used, data records are extracted from a source as per a logical key and they processed together. The function can be switched on by selecting particular fields on DTP or in TRFN (Transformation). The DTP part was there since BW 7.0 and availability on TRFN came with BW 7.2

Why there is an option to use the Semantic Grouping / Grouped Extraction in the TRFN level as it is available at the DTP level already? Is there any difference between the DTP and TRFN?

Instead of finding a difference, it is better to looked at it as what they can do if they are combined. There can be following cases:

1. Error handing on the DTP is activated (‘Cancel Request, Track First Incorrect Record, No Update’) only the sources fields of key fields can be selected in the DTP. Grouping uses the intersection of these selected key fields and the fields selected from the transformation for semantic grouping.

2. Error handing is deactivated (‘Cancel Request, Do Not Track Records, No Update’), all the sources fields that were also selected in the transformation can be selected in the DTP. The Grouping is formed from this intersection.

3. For compatibility reasons - similar case as no 2 but no source fields have been selected in the transformation for the semantic grouping, all the source fields can be selected in DTP.

SAP is recommending (see in online doc links below) a selecting fields for grouping at the transformation level.

More information:

Online docu BW 7.3

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