Monday, May 29, 2023

Stack-ability of Composite Providers

Composite Providers do have a settings that enables them to be reused in other the Composite Providers. In other words, the settings is describing reusability or stack-ability of the Composite Providers. The settings in available in SAP HANA Studio - BW Modelling tools in Composite Provider maintenance screen under General tab. Composite View is re-usable as PartProvider of other Composite Views.

Technically the settings is implemented in table RSOHCPR, and its field STACKABLE. In case the flag is set, the Composite Providers is type of stacked Composite Provider (STACKABLE = X). The setting is handled in methods like IS_STACKABLE, CHECK_STACKABLE and SET_STACKABLE of ABAP class CL_HCPR_COMPOSITE_PROVIDER.

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